Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to Cotton Candy Scrapz

Hi all :o) I would like to introduce myself,My name is Brenda and I am a 28 yr old sahm of four beautiful children. I have been PSP'ing since early 2004. I got hooked straight away, I used to tag for the Devils Down Under aka *Devils* on the AU ebay chat boards, I also used to tag for the Diva's by Design Signature Tags aka *Divas* and also at the Butterfly lounge ♥

I have hung up my tagging clothes and now i have decided to give scrap kits a whirl.
I have almost finished my first kit called *cotton candy* Can you guess what colour it is? LOL.

So watch this space to see when i put it up for grabs yay gotta love freebies.

ttfn ♥♥

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meadowlea said...

Well I know for sure its not purple, or green & red for christmas, so i guess its PINK, grrr. I need more purple. LOL

PROFILE said...

I promise there will be a purple kit real soon ♥♥ Mwah

Jay said...

well done hunnie, hope u are well, im linknin u up to all 3 blogs, butterfly lounge, heartbeat-jay and heartbeatz creaionz (dollar store)xx

cotton candy scrapz said...

Thanks Jay hunnie ♥

I am a complete wreck atm.. argh...

Courts on thursday and ex is apparently back in town and he got engaged ffs..

rhonda said...

Fabulously gorgeous kit Brenda!!! Love the lace and quilt! You have an excellent eye!

Keep up the great work, I'll be back! lol

Rhon (friend o' yur mum)